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This graphic novel series follows a legend of the first Kung Fu Master.

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Kung Fu Begins:
The Legend of Bodhi Dharma

Bodhi Dharma, the warrior prince from India turned Buddhist monk, travels to the far east and transforms the famed Shaolin Monastery into a protective force for the common people during a time of brutal upheaval in 6th Century China.

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From the day he washes up on the banks of the Yangtze River, beaten, bruised and barely alive, this mysterious Indian monk in tattered robes is greeted with hostility and suspicion. The locals label him everything from “sorcerer” to “barbarian”, but ultimately the Shaolin Monastery recognizes him as a wayward teacher and healer, known as Bodhi Dharma. While living in the Shaolin monastery, this Indian monk is a total misfit. Some prominent monks feel that the eccentric Bodhi Dharma’s behavior defies the Buddhist lifestyle. He has a secret love affair with a fugitive nun. His short temper gets him into fights, often defending threatened monks and finally angering a powerful warlord. Bodhi Dharma is both hated and loved as the center of the storm around him. Throughout the constant conflict between the Buddhist way and defending their right to exist, the Shaolin monastery rises to a unique and powerful position in world history.

Lead Artist: Joseph Caesar Sto Domingo

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