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Bodhi Dharma: International Awareness and Pop Culture Incarnations

Aldous Huxley has said of the martial arts devised by Bodhidharma: "Movements intrinsically beautiful and at the same time charged with symbolic meaning. The whole body transformed into a hieroglyphic, a succession of hieroglyphics, of attitudes modulating form significance to significance like a poem or a piece of music. Movements of the muscles representing movements of consciousness. It's meditation in action."

It is estimated that the Martial Arts that claim Bodhi Dharma as their source master (Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and others) number over 30 million serious practitioners, with hundreds of millions of hobbyists.

This 2011 Tamil Film, “Aum Arivu” (7th Sense) features Bodhi Dharma as a backstory, but not the main plot or character of the film. The main plot is a modern day spy movie. Critically panned, more people wanted to see the actual story of Bodhi Dharma. Trailer available here...

There was an action figure of Bodhi Dharma released a decade ago, but now is very rare to find. I hope that we can bring something like this back to the market after our stories are officially released.


The popular Hong-Kong movie that shows Bodhi Dharma’s life from India to the Shaolin Temple. Click below to have a look at this interpretation of the story.

Tamil film: Bodhi Dharma: King of Martial Arts

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