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As a writer/producer, Atul N. Rao has worked for the top studios internationally in animation, children’s television, prime-time comedy and drama development. Atul’s expertise has been utilized to develop original and branded properties in the international markets and currently shares his knowledge as a Professor at Mohawk College.

As a Martial Artist, Atul has studied 30 years in a variety of different styles, currently holding a 2nd degree black belt in Goju-Ryu. Before hand achieving advanced standing in Go Rin Do. He also studied in various seminars of Kallari Payattu (The basis for Shaolin Kung Fu) in Kerala, India, where he lived for four years. The intermittent study was at an ashram (Indian School of Martial Arts) that uses texts dating back 800 years.

For over 29 years, Atul N. Rao has been a writer/producer and performer for theatre, television and feature film in Toronto, Los Angeles, and India. Starting as a staff writer at Nelvana, he wrote for animated hits such as Babar, Carebears, Beetlejuice and Tintin. Atul toured with children's theatre and later joined a successful Toronto comedy troupe, “The Lost Tribe” as head writer/performer. Next was national television - 4 years as writer, producer and on-air performer for YTV.

Atul moved to Los Angeles when Fox Family Worldwide hired him to be Co-Executive Producer of their Interstitial programming. Atul co-produced and co-created four live-action hosted shows for Fox. Atul later co-created and developed concepts and pilots for Nick, Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network.

In 2002, Atul was recruited to Toonz Animation India in senior management where he helped transform Toonz from a service company to international producer. He continued to produce for Marvel, Paramount Home Video and Lionsgate during the golden age of this company. In addition, he developed a working knowledge of mythological adaptations to television and film, working on classics such as “Hanuman”, “Tales of Lord Shiva”, and the Pan Asian mythology series, “Legends” (Disney Asia).

As an executive, Atul is currently overseeing a slate of projects for Camillion Corp, including a situation comedy series, a sketch comedy series, and the development of a one-hour drama. As a freelancer, Atul developed new stories for "Lego Star Wars" and also developed a series for Marvel, "The Defenders". Atul also produced a series for Marvel Animation, “Wolverine & the X-Men”. In addition, Atul writes freelance scripts for hit TV shows such as "League of Super Evil" and MARVEL'S "Super Hero Squad", "Wolverine". He also wrote Teletoon's, "1001 Nights", "Apollo's Pad", Disney's "Ella the Elephant" Sprout's "Nina's World" and "Transformers: Rescue Bots."

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Atul N. Rao

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